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Business Protocol

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Etiquette of Business
& Business Manners

 Success comes when you are able to put others at ease. It is a reflection of the ability to get along well with all kinds of people, from the porter who works for your company to the mayor of your city. If you aren't in tune with how your behaviour affects others, you may be damaging valuable business relationships outside your company as well as within.

You will learn why it’s important to approach others with a culturally-savvy mind, be able to greet, mingle, and do business with people from around the world to move collaboration and business success forward, and why using small talk helps gain and maintain the competitive advantage.

A sophisticated professional who has the cultural intelligence of business etiquette can confidently carry out introductions, exchange business cards with grace, and use the appropriate body language and eye contact to connect with their business clients and partners. Appreciate the importance of board meetings as a vehicle for creating and maintaining impressions of credibility, power, efficiency, and effectiveness.

You will be taught the time-honoured tricks of human interaction that facilitates rapport with clients and dignitaries alike.
Key topics include:   

The Importance of Business Etiquette
Business manners  

First Impressions
High Context vs Low Context cultures   

Introductions and Forms of Address
Body Language and Gestures
Business Card Protocol   
Successful Communication Styles 
Strategic Do's and Don'ts
Etiquette for e-mail   
Gift Giving 
Dress codes meaning
Etiquette of dining

And more…
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