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Elegant Dressing
Personal Stylist in London

Personal Stylist and Shopper in London


When I started out as a model at 18, my agent would ask 'Do you have anything that shows off your body a bit more for castings?' When I think back, I realise that my dress sense was not appropriate for the job in hand. My baggy jeans would confuse the eye, distort my proportions and it did nothing to highlight my body shape.  Luckily, it only took a couple of months of living in Milan to quickly gain insight into what flattered my figure.

You are either born with style or it is acquired. Most of us dress based on what we observe growing up and the influences that surround us every day. In Italy, what is most apparent is people's innate ability to combine colours. That is the first step to good style. And Italian fashion designers have the knack of knowing exactly how to make women look elegant and sophisticated. Step 2 is dressing to suit your personality - I remember buying clothes with my mother for sixth form and she bought me clothes that had nothing to do with who I was and I felt really uncomfortable most of the time. Step 3 is dressing to your body type. A pair of Prada shoes and a Prada handbag aren't going to make you look more stylish if the rest of your outfit is out of sync.

Why should we choose colours that suit our skin colouring? So that everything mixes and matches perfectly. Why should we dress according to our personality? So that we can control the messages we give to others and not feel alien in our clothes. Why should we dress according to our body type? So people aren't distracted from your most flattering features.

Personal shopping in London, Milan & Rome. That's what I'm there for. I do the hard work, while my clients (if we venture to Italy) enjoy the views, the glamour, eat good food, soak up the fashion and basically shop till they drop, in the knowledge that whatever they buy will serve them every day for as long as they want it to.
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Dressing with Style

Getting to know you as an individual is probably the most important part of successful styling. A lot of ladies who come to me for their personal branding are completing the comprehensive Social Etiquette for International Ladies course.

Whether you are taking the course of not, It is important that I get to know you well, your social obligations, your lifestyle, and your personality.

Once I have a record of everything that works for you - your best shades of colours, your proportions, and the right clothing styles - I will give advice on how to dress with class and elegance. Personal Shopping Sprees are then organised either in London (such as personal shopping at John Lewis or Selfridges and personal shopping at Harrods) or Italy or both.

Personal Shopping Monthly Retainer

It takes time to build a wardrobe that will serve you in the best possible way. Part of being an elegant woman is knowing when and when not to buy because an elegant woman only purchases clothes when they are right for her. There are no 'It looks OK', or 'It's not the best colour but I like the style'. 

When you opt to be on a monthly retainer. I will sift through what's available on the market and keep you abreast of the clothing styles that will make you look classy, elegant and confident. I will also purchase any items that you need and bring them to your home.

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