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Picnic in Richmond Park in the Victorian times
Two lions propping Laura Windsor in a photo

Etiquette Classes:
Choose your Etiquette Class in the heart of London

Whatever etiquette classes you choose will help improve your business & social behaviour through self-awareness and assertiveness.

An etiquette class will help you master the appropriate behaviours in any given situation as following etiquette norms pressure people to behave predictably, especially in sensitive situations, for example at a funeral or wedding. More importantly, they are performed for the sake of other people, and our relationships with them.

They are designed to make transactions, whether formal or informal, run smoothly, making it easier and more enjoyable for those present. Their purpose is to please and soothe. When people feel at ease, their barriers are down, their prejudices are kept at bay and their ability to connect and build rapport becomes a lot easier. It allows us to leave fear and awkwardness behind.

You might argue that if a person has a kind heart and a friendly disposition, any faux pas on his part is unimportant because he is a nice person. That is true, up to a point. And of course for those who don’t know him, their opinion would be solely determined by his behaviour.   No matter how kind or generous or how unintentional his actions may be, would you still feel the same if he came for lunch and started blowing his nose on the tablecloth? Would this lack of etiquette cause embarrassment and discomfort to others? Would you not agree that there is a lack of consideration for the feelings of others?

Many English etiquette rules have survived the generations and are very much a part of the business and high-society world today, especially when we use Social Capital in all aspects of our everyday living.

Victorian essentials for a 2-course meal - spoon,  knife and fork

Dining Etiquette

tea cup and saucer used for afternoon tea etiquette

Afternoon Tea Etiquette

Kids and Laura Windsor pose for a photo

British Manners for International Kids and Teens

Etiquette professional poses for a photo to advertise the manners of business course

Business Protocol & Diplomacy

Etiquette professional Laura Windsor

Social Etiquette for International Ladies

children learning to walk properly with a book on their head_edited.jpg

British Manners for Kids & Teens

Elegant ladies posing for a swarovski ad

Self Improvement Programme

Handbags are great for taking your most beloved dogs around

Elegant Dressing

Etiquette courses in London provided by an etiquette professional
Two lions propping Laura Windsor in a photo
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