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Ladies attending a social etiquette class

How to be an Elegant Woman
Etiquette Class in London

Social etiquette is one of the most powerful and underrated tools of communication available to anyone who desires to ingratiate themselves in  any social circle.


This practical & interactive 3-day course for modern ladies focusses on helping you become aware of how you come across in both a business and social environment, how to improve the messages you give to others, how to gain confidence and more control, and how to be aware of the needs of your clients and social acquaintances. This will help you stand out and get further ahead in your job, have better relationships with family, friends, and clients, all of which, ultimately leads to a happier, more fulfilling life. It will actually make you, in today's world, SPECIAL.

The Main Focus

Do you know how you come across in a business and social environment? What are you communicating?

Are you understanding the needs of your clients? Are you making them feel special?

How do you present yourself in front of clients and new acquaintances?

How confident are you when meeting and greeting?

Are you following the correct protocol when connecting with others?

How are you making them feel?

If English is not your mother-tongue, are you communicating clearly and with intent?

If English is your mother-tongue, can people understand what you are saying?

Is there something impeding communication?

Is the way you look in line with your personal branding?

Is what you are showing on the outside convey the right messages? Are they in line with your personal branding?

Are you being promoted and needing to up your game and presence?

Are you lacking confidence and not really feeling in control when meeting new and existing clients?

The Benefits: Awareness is everything

The ability to connect with others and be socially savvy will ensure you stand out amongst your competitors, will help you get further ahead in your job, and help you have better relationships in your social and personal life.

Knowing how to be aware, how to manage your own emotions, and understand the needs of others is so unique in today's world, you will get noticed.


After all, people do business with people.


Those who are socially aware, are good at handling other people's emotions and being empathetic to what drives people and their emotions, will constantly outperform their competitors, and have higher incomes than those who are so wrapped up in themselves.

Learn how to be a lady in today's society.

Many English etiquette rules have survived generations and although some believe these are unnecessary, they are very much still a part of the business and high-society world today.


Poise, elegance, self-worth, self-confidence and maturity is a process; it can be worked on and cultivated. The Laura Windsor Etiquette Academy takes traditional values and gives them a contemporary relevance for all ladies out there who feel a little over-whelmed with the pressures of society.


Audrey Hepburn believed that the happiest people are the most beautiful - not in looks but in a way that makes other people feel valued and feel good about life.


There is just something about a person who has poise and elegance, not just in a visual way. People gravitate towards you, respect you and want to spend time with you.

What is a modern woman?

She is self-respecting, has a healthy dose of self-worth and possesses a quiet confidence. She has charm, great poise and knows how to dress with elegance and class.


She is intelligent, kind and sweet-natured, modest, reliable and is both sensitive to her needs as well as those of others'. She is always honest and fair. She is surrounded by those who admire, respect and love her and would go that extra mile to ensure she is happy. They take great pleasure in her company because she does the exact same thing for them.


She has a composure and dignity of manner, a tranquility of self, a demeanour which is open and warm and appealing to those from all walks of life. 

For those seeking private tuition, the etiquette classes in London are arranged according to the client's availability and not necessarily carried out in 3 consecutive days.

Gain a savoir-vivre knowledge of knowing what it takes to be a lady in today's society.
Learn how to connect with others and know what to say and how to
say it: British small talk dos and dont's
 Possess a good dose of empathy: understand the motivations behind the reactions.
You'll know what your personal brand is and how to act accordingly
Gain a quiet confidence at the dining
table that will add value to your personal brand, whatever the occasion. No more worrying, embarrassing yourself or wondering what to do next.

Understand the cultural similarities and differences to establish connection
Your culture and the British culture
Know when and how to reply to
invitations and take the guesswork out of gift-giving in Britain.

Master your body language, control
the messages you give to others and communicate high status. Learn to master what people are NOT saying, over what they are.
Develop and master the skill, communicate positively and allow connection with others to take root. Speaking with intent.

Gain a savoir-faire knowledge of how
to be the perfect host and guest

Learn to speak with an RP accent (traditional BBC accent)
Articulation, Intonation, Rhythm, Inflection, Pace and Pause


If you have any questions about the course, I would love to hear from you.

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