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Laura Windsor, a Purveyor of Polite Society, is widely regarded as one of the UK’s most trusted authorities on etiquette and protocol and is the founder of the Academy.  In her cut-glass Englishness, beautifully combined with Italian finesse, she carries an elegance that delights her clients and has a soft and inimitable assertiveness to deal with all types, from FTSE100 business people to international Society. Her multicultural background, old-fashioned values and private British schooling, gives her credibility to consult on modern manners and British etiquette. Laura helps clients fulfil their potential by helping them embrace the best behaviours and protocol in everyday living. This results in happy, empowered clients that have newly-found opportunities on the horizon.


She regularly features on TV, offering a curriculum on matters of civility, business politesse, Royal Protocol and cross-cultural communication.
Laura received her etiquette training in London from a former member of The Royal Household of Her Majesty the Queen and was educated at Downe House School, the same private boarding school as Kate Middleton, Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales. She also attended the prestigious Lucie Clayton Finishing School in London at 18 and rubbed shoulders with British socialites, actresses and future Prime Ministers. Laura pursued a career as a professional model based in Milan, Italy. It was here that she cultivated a quintessential passion for beauty, elegance and style. She later chose London as her base and worked as a Lifestyle TV presenter for many years. More recently, Laura put her bilingual skills to use when she presented a series of T.V. programmes on Italy’s food culture called Italian Foodstory.

Laura provides first-class training and is a trusted advisor to many private households, and family offices. Her work sees her teach not only in the UK but overseas, particularly active in Asia, Italy and America.

Laura continues to collaborate with worldwide brands and organisations, such as China Merchants Bank, one of China's leading private banks, Sky Italia, Enderun Colleges, one of the Philippines most prestigious Business Schools, and the Philippine Embassy in London. She collaborates with 2 Chinese Universities, providing Business Protocol, and British and European Dining Etiquette to students studying overseas, in particular, Europe, the Middle East and the UK. She is an associate director of SPL International Ltd providing Etiquette, Protocol and Cross-cultural Communication to International HNWI. Laura also works with various luxury hotels in Milan & Rome offering expert etiquette programmes for guests looking to learn more about British and European etiquette.

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