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jacqueline kennedy onassis dressed elegantly lighting the candles on a dinner table

 The Customs in Britain

Having good manners at the table, knowing how to properly eat, table manners, and how to navigate the table, are important.

Refine your British Table Manners drawing from old-world guidelines and a good dose of the modern world, and learn about the amusing and rich history of polite dining and the common sense reasons behind today’s customs.In this informative and hands-on approach, participants will learn the etiquette of dining, how to manage utensils and hold a conversation, all with the confidence and savvy to dine in both the casual and formal setting.

Key topics include: 

Why is Dining Etiquette Important?
Navigating Your Place Setting
How to correctly hold cutlery
Which bread plate and glass to use
Passing & Offering Food
Posture & positioning for dining 
Napkin Etiquette 
Accidents and Difficult-to-Eat Foods
Polite table conversation 
The rhythm of dining
Styles of Table Service
Eating Styles: American vs British vs Continental
After dinner etiquette: tea & coffee
Learn dining etiquette when eating in any setting

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