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Testimonial Reviews

We appreciate our client's testimonials. It is lovely to be able to make a difference in children's lives. Children are our legacy and they need to be nurtured.

Don't take our word for it....

It is an absolute delight to work with Laura, she is fantastic at keeping children engaged through fun games and activities, our parents love her etiquette classes. We highly recommend!

VIP Trips for Kids

Dear Laura, thank you for transforming S.A. into a better mannered boy. It has been such a success to hand you. S.A. asked his mum when his next class is, "when can I go again?" Which is extraordinary, because he used to really fight back when we told him that he would have to go to manners class when he was over the top. Whatever politesse and pixie dust you provided has altered him entirely. I notice a significant change and attribute it to your care and guidance. Yours truly, L

Godmother to S.A.

......I also feel that these two sessions contributed significantly to improving Daniel’s table manners and the way he behaves and presents himself in society and in his relations with others, both adults and children. I want to express my gratitude again for providing such amazing classes and we look forward to seeing you next time, later on in the year.

Daniel's mother

Thank you so much for taking care of the children and for the wonderful tutoring. We will keep you as our preferred Etiquette instructor.

Quintessentially, UAE

Thank you so much! I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am! I think that what you are doing is incredible and you do it with such finesse. I'm going to recommend you left, right and centre.

A member of the Emir of Kuwait's household

Laura, thank you SO much for today!!!!! I loved it! Layla has gone out to dinner correcting her mother and laid out a table setting to teach her when she got home! I am definitely going to do the adult courses!!! Flynn (6 years old) went to bed saying 'I want to go to that course again tomorrow'. I did not expect to stay the whole day. Thank you, it was amazing!!

Mrs. S, mother of a 6 & 8 year old

Laura Windsor's Manners course was the epitome of British Etiquette. Undeniably more than elbows off the table, sit up straight. Her class made a huge impact on the way our two boys view themselves. We have raised our bar as a direct response to Laura's teachings.

Pasquala Giambrone

Laura was wonderful! Couldn’t recommend enough! Worked with an Asian family to teach English Manners. She was engaging, kind and very educational - even for the adults!

Lucinda Hose

Another amazing day learning all about Etiquette with the amazing @laurawindsoretiquette. I highly recommend Laura's courses on Etiquette for children and adults! From a dining set up, to the good old art of walking with books on your head, learning about greetings in different cultures and the art of conversation. I love what you do so much. Thank you for giving Erin another day to remember.

Sophie Shelton, founder of 48London, Bespoke Luxury Lifestyle Management


Laura, thank you very much for the bootcamp today. I heard it went really well and Zach (8 years old) really enjoyed it. He was also explaining why putting your hands in your pockets is not good manners! He also wants to know whether he can come back and do some more courses.

Zach's mother

We teach children through experiential learning which has been proven to be the most effective way of teaching new skills. A lot of social skills are rather abstract. Try telling a children that he needs to learn to regulate his emotions and you'll probably be met with a blank expression.

But involve him in role play and other activities and he will understand what you mean, its implications and what he needs to do to develop the skill. We encourage the children's strengths, while gently working on their weaknesses to bring out the best in them!

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