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Professional Training

Studies show that 85 percent of one’s professional success is connected to one’s people skills. People do business with people, and in business - as in life - you rarely succeed on your own.

We offer a range of tailor-made training programmes for a variety of international organisations. These include Embassies, Universities, schools, fashion firms and TV corporations.

Our programmes focus on cross-cultural communication, protocol, diplomacy and interpersonal skills needed to establish secure, long-lasting relationships and success.



China Merchants Bank, Shenzhen, China

Laura Windsor was invited to Shenzhen, China to deliver a British Manners & Etiquette tutorial for China Merchants Bank's private clients and their children.


The Philippine Embassy

Attended by the Philippine Embassy's titled dignitaries, Laura Windsor was asked to deliver an intensive training in diplomatic protocol, cross-cultural communication, international dining etiquette and business protocol over a 2-week period.

China Merchants Bank, London HQ

Over a 4-month period, Laura Windsor was asked to deliver training to the company's Chinese employees. The emphasis was on cross-cultural awareness, British culture, Western dining etiquette, and international Business Protocol. The goal was to create a programme that combined personal poise, finesse and grace with the essential skills of social and business etiquette and cross cultural communication to enhance business relationships in the West. Laura was also called upon to deliver business protocol training to a group of MBA students who would be working for the bank after their studies.

At a later date, Laura was asked to deliver an online Dining Etiquette seminar to the bank's private clients in China.

La Rinascente, Milan, Florence, Palermo, Rome

Laura travelled to La Rinascente department stores in Milan, Rome, Florence and Palermo to deliver personal shopping training to the La Rinascente staff and advise its private clients on dress codes and elegant dressing for all occasions.

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