Children's Etiquette Classes  

Children's Etiquette classes in London

"Nurture the present to make change for the future "

Laura Windsor


Children with better social skills are more successful, are happier individuals and have a significant advantage in life. They not only experience the rewards of positive relationships, they do better in school, have a better self image and in general are more resilient as they face life’s inevitable challenges.

In order to create a lasting influential legacy of courtesy, kindness, empathy and respect, it is important to teach our children how to embrace the best behaviours for everyday living in an ever-increasing global environment. Our aim is to create leaders and masters of emotional self-control and accountability.
Manners and social graces smooth out the rough edges of life and equip kids with confidence-enhancing skills.


Through a series of fun, interactive workshops, we offer classes which include polite greetings, deportment lessons, mindfulness activities for kids, cross-cultural awareness, why body language is important in communication, body language and gestures, grooming, making a good first impression, eating with manners, respect and consideration, body language signals, good topics for conversation, as well as rules for internet safety for the older age set. Dining Etiquette for all ages is also offered.

Little Ambassadors (5-7 year olds)

 Ambassadors (8-12 year olds)

 Just Teenagers (13-17 year olds)

Venue: Your own home or a central London venue

Prices from £350 for a half day

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