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Children's Etiquette classes in London

Our Etiquette Classes
in London cater for all ages.

Our manners classes will help children learn about the characteristics of a good leader, self-awareness, how to communicate and influence effectively and how to make friends easily.

Our aim is to create leaders and masters of emotional self-control and accountability.

Our etiquette lessons in London provides children with knowledge on topics such as self-awareness, polite greetings, classroom rules, deportment lessons, how to make friends easily, cultural awareness training, body language and gestures, grooming, making a good first impression, eating with manners at the table, respect and consideration, and good topics for conversation, among others.

We offer etiquette classes in London to the following age groups:

5-7 year olds

8-13 year olds

 Just Teenagers -13-17 year olds

Venue: Your own home or a central London venue

Private lessons from £550 per session per child

Good etiquette should become a lifestyle. You don't just use it when you need to impress people; you use it to make a consistent and lasting impression wherever you go. When children are guided to adopt good table and eating manners, for example, you are helping them understand how to give and receive.

These sessions are for parents who want to support their children with their social connections. Learning how to communicate appropriately - even across cultures - is an extremely powerful skill to have. It ensures their behaviour aligns with the society in which they find themselves. We believe children should thrive, and feeling socially connected is a huge part of this! 

Check out our British Etiquette & Manners

for International Kids here.


Two lions propping Laura Windsor in a photo
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