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Children's Etiquette classes in London

What Behaviours are considered Good Manners?

& why is Etiquette important?

We offer children's courses for all ages.

The classes will help children learn the characteristics of a good leader, self-awareness, how to communicate and influence effectively and how to make friends easily.

Our aim is to create leaders and masters of emotional self-control and accountability.

Through a series of fun, interactive workshops, we offer classes which include polite greetings, classroom rules, deportment lessons, how to make friends easily, cultural awareness training, body language and gestures, grooming, making a good first impression, eating with manners, respect and consideration, and good topics for conversation. Dining Etiquette for all ages is offered as well as afternoon tea etiquette rules at an afternoon tea room.

Little Ambassadors (5-7 year olds)

 Ambassadors (8-12 year olds)

 Just Teenagers (13-17 year olds)

Venue: Your own home or a central London venue

Prices from £500 per session

For groups, please email Laura


Check out our British Etiquette & Manners

for International Kids here.

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