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Self-Confidence -
Not Defined by your Situation but by your Potential

Ladies attending a social etiquette class

Self-Confidence training

The conscious mind is responsible for processing information retrieved through our five senses and is related to the way we see and perceive the world around us. Information that is repeatedly absorbed into the subconscious and becomes an instrinsic part of who we are, how we think and perceive the world and how we behave in relation to it. The information does not have words, it's a feeling that comes from our gut, our sixth sense. A gut feeling that tells you whether something is right or not, built on a vast collection of thought processes and experiences that have led you to it.

While most of the time, our gut feeling works in our favour, there are times when we question it, making it work against us. When it's working against us, it means that we are allowing our subconscious to dwell on negative thinking and experiences rather than focussing on positive sides of the experience that will enhance our lives. The good news is that we can condition our subconscious to focus on the positivity of our reality; cashing in on the lessons learnt when we fall down only to get up again stronger and better than ever. The good news from all this is that repeated positive thoughts do eventually become our reality.

Although it does take time to change a negative thought process into a positive one, we can all agree that it is by repeated effort that our thought processes can change.

Self-confidence comes from having an inner sense of peace and stability.  A person who is calm and collected, in control and able to handle themselves with poise and refinement in all situations. A person who has a sense of purpose, who constantly visualises the person they want to be and constantly and consciously strives for this. It is not something we are born with; indeed we need to cultivate it and learn it for ourselves because no one else will. It is a upward journey of self-improvement - we need to look inward, see ourselves for who we are and tweak what we don't like and correct it....consciously.


Repeated effort and self-awareness are the vital components of achieving self-confidence.

Self-confidence is....

Walking into a room full of strangers requires humility, self-awareness and repeated effort. Being able to know how to handle yourself gracefully and with ease, to know what to say to the right person at the right time without committing faux pas or creating awkwards moments. To be able to show others who you are with poise and elegance. Or knowing how to get out there and try anything you want to without the fear of failure because deep down you know better - that fear is overrated and negative experiences are nothing but lessons from which you learn and change into an opportunity for constant improvement.

With the best etiquette trainer in London, Laura Windsor, explore the fundamentals of proper dining etiquette. Learn how to place napkins and cutlery on tablescapes and how to effectively interact with others comfortably while maintaining your composure. Gain knowledge on appropriate dresscode for different occasions, body language techniques and conversational behaviours that will shift any conversation skillfully. This training is perfect for those who want to boost their confidence during social gatherings and become a shining example of etiquette excellence.

if you are a group of 3 ladies or more and would like to know more about our 3-day Social Etiquette course or our 1-day Self-Development course, please contact us today
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