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Welcome to the Laura Windsor
Etiquette & Protocol Academy 

Laura Windsor, a Purveyor of Polite Society, is widely regarded as one of the UK’s most trusted authorities on etiquette and protocol.

Laura helps clients fulfil their potential by helping them embrace the best behaviours and protocol when approaching a range of social and professional settings. This results in happy, empowered clients that have newly-found opportunities on the horizon.

We are accredited with:

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International Business Protocol

A sophisticated professional who has the cultural intelligence of international business etiquette can confidently carry out global introductions, network with confidence, negotiate effortlessly, exchange business cards with grace, and use the appropriate body language and eye contact to connect with their international business partners.

You will be taught the time-honoured tricks of human interaction that facilitates rapport with clients and dignitaries around the world.
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British Manners

& Etiquette for

Children & Teens

Etiquette and mindfulness education is training children and teens for life.

Etiquette is all about learning how to fit in socially across cultures. We need to know the rules to help guide us when we’re with other people. They help us know what to say, when to say it, and even how to say it.  Etiquette also helps us overcome shyness, insecurities and anxiety.

Children who are trained in etiquette and cross-cultural communication are more successful, confident and happy individuals. They also have a significant advantage in life; they have that added polish and poise that allow them to stand out from the crowd.

International Dining Etiquette

Refine your dining skills drawing from old-world table manners guidelines and a good dose of the modern world, and learn about the amusing and rich history of polite dining and the common-sense reasons behind today’s customs.
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Social Etiquette

Participants will learn to present themselves with confidence and authority in social settings, guiding them through a winning first impression and beyond.

Afternoon Tea Etiquette

Learn about the history and ritual of British Afternoon Tea and unravel the quirky nuances and system of rules for the ritualised exchange of courtesies at a tea gathering in an entertaining and informative way, so you'll know all the answers and never worry about it again.
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