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The beauty and elegance that is acquired through etiquette

Learn about Culture in Britain through our  Etiquette Classes London UK

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Accredited Protocol & Etiquette Classes, London, UK and Worldwide.

A creative and assured authority on Etiquette and Manners, Laura supports children and adults acquire the skills to navigate polite society with confidence and respectful ease, through practice and coaching in a variety of immersive entertaining social learning scenarios.


The Academy's reputation is based on its "Quintessential Englishness", attention to detail and flair for bringing modern relevance to a realm of traditional values.

We are accredited with the following:

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The Etiquette and Manners Expert

Summer camp Etiquette Classes

Children's Etiquette Classes London UK

Dates have now been confirmed!

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Visit us at our Discovery Morning on 18 May in South Kensington to learn more about our NEW

Movement & Manners Programme

Creating sanctuaries of courtesy, respect, understanding and kindness. A Single Culture of Polite Society. Empowerment through knowledge, self-awareness and awareness of others.

Laura Windsor

Laura Windsor

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Check out Laura's interviews on British Etiquette with Patrick Christys on GB NEWS, Australian Good Morning Programme Sunrise 7 with Robert Jobson and NBC News Nightly Kids Edition with Keir Simmons' children.

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