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Self-awareness and First impressions course

Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence 
  Social Etiquette For Ladies


Self-Awareness and First Impressions:
Etiquette Class in London

Creating a Single Culture of Polite Society.

Want to boost your social graces and ensure social success? Then this course - Social Etiquette for Ladies is the perfect opportunity to learn all of the necessary tools for working and navigating life with confidence.

Reconnect with yourself

The confidence needed to changing a mindset starts from learning the skills needed to set in motion a pattern of positive behaviours. It's important  to reconnect with yourself and your level of self-esteem.


This comes with self-awareness, knowing how you appear to the world and correcting the parts that are not highlighting your true worth. You will learn how to correct bad habits and learn new skills to gain confidence and become socially-savvy.

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Laura is such an elegant lady and professional etiquette consultant. I had my first lesson with her a week ago and it helps me to have more confident not only in my career but also my daily life. I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to learn from the best.


Ivy, Estate Agent for a high-profile clientele

This Etiquette Class for Ladies takes place in the heart of Kensington. The course starts at 10.30pm and finishes at 4.30pm.

The Etiquette for Ladies Experience will cover:

Empowerment & Self-confidence through posture & poise
First impressions
Deportment & self-awareness
Finding social success

Confident conversations in social situations
Personal greetings & introductions
Components to becoming an elegant person.

For more details on why

you should take the Etiquette

for Ladies course,

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Your peace of mind is important.
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