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1st Impressions, Self-Awareness & the Qualities For a Good Leader


Our etiquette school will equip you with the knowledge of the most important skills and the characteristics of good leader.

This is an intensive 1-day personal development programme. Want to boost your social graces and ensure professional success? Then this etiquette course is the perfect opportunity to learn all of the necessary tools for working and navigating life with confidence. The focus is enterely on first impressions, your personal branding and how to act accordingly. The etiquette for Dining in a business setting is also covered.

All of your self development questions will be answered.

It is hard to get over a bad first impression; an unprofessional handshake, a lack of eye contact, an aggressive manner and  a non-descript dress sense. In a society ruled by visual images we are inclined to believe what our eyes show us. Understand what dress code is business casual and what is a more formal attire. They way you package yourself through your image and social persona is like an advertisement. It works in the same way.

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