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Best Children's Camp in the Heart of London

1-Day Children's Etiquette Camp




Our etiquette classes are fun, interactive and, at the same time, educational!

Laura Windsor's etiquette courses aim to give children a certain kind of freedom;   just as there are specific rules to follow when playing a musical instrument or a team sport, it's rules like these that give children the freedom to really enjoy what they are doing. They become automatic; they don't have to think which piano key to press to acquire a particular sound, or how to throw the ball correctly in order to score a goal. With practice it becomes instinctive.

It's the same with Manners;  manners help children know what to say, when to say it and even how to say it, whether they are talking to their peers, parents, or teachers. This takes away any anxiety, shyness or shame and they can start enjoying making connections in a more relaxed manner.

In a nutshell, manners are are like superpowers, except anyone can have them.  And the more children practice them, the quicker they become second nature.

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