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Best Children's Camp in the Heart of London

1-Day Children's Etiquette Camp




24 FEBRUARY 2024



2 MARCH 2024


Our etiquette classes are fun, interactive and, at the same time, educational!

Laura Windsor's etiquette courses aim to give children a certain kind of freedom;   just as there are specific rules to follow when playing a musical instrument or a team sport, it's rules like these that give children the freedom to really enjoy what they are doing. They become automatic; they don't have to think which piano key to press to acquire a particular sound, or how to throw the ball correctly in order to score a goal. With practice it becomes instinctive.

It's the same with Manners;  manners help children know what to say, when to say it and even how to say it, whether they are talking to their peers, parents, or teachers. This takes away any anxiety, shyness or shame and they can start enjoying making connections in a more relaxed manner.

In a nutshell, manners are are like superpowers, except anyone can have them.  And the more children practice them, the quicker they become second nature.

Our Manners Class in London Benefits

The most important thing you will want from an etiquette class in London is for your child to come away with the skills they will remember and execute every day from that day forth. A lot of etiquette classes cover a whole range of subjects that are almost impossible to take onboard in such a short space of time.


We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the skills learnt in our 1-day etiquette class in London will remain with the children and become second nature. How? By teaching them the fundamental skills needed to make your children stand out from the crowd - those Four Superpowers that will help your child get on without anxiety and help boost their confidence.


How it's done


Through a series of games, quizzes and, most importantly, repetition in different scenarios, the skills learnt in our SERIES 1, 2, and 3 etiquette classes will become part of your child's make-up.



They will come away with knowing how to shake hands properly and why (without being prompted, this will probably come up in a discussion when you reunite in the evening).


They will know what to do with their bodies upon meeting and greeting - eyes, hands and faces included; what to say and how to say it;


They will understand why it's important to be alert with good posture and the reasons why we come to the table and need to display good manners. Skills that are essential for that all-important first impression.


These are the most important skills your child can learn. And be ready when they start correcting some of your manners too!


We know how important these skills are and we want to make sure your children gets the best possible  advantage in life. We guarantee people will notice immediately how well-educated your children are.

Here is testimonial proof that our classes work!
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