Summer Camp for Children
Aged 6-11

A two-day Summer Camp for children in the heart of London


Manners can sometimes be perceived as a bunch of rules that someone has made up just to make children feel miserable.

At our academy, learning about manners and etiquette is fun, interactive and at the same time educational.

Our course aims to give children a certain kind of freedom  - just as playing a musical instrument or a team sport, there are specific rules to follow, and it's those rules that allow children the freedom to really enjoy what they are doing.  It's the same with Manners, they help guide children how to fit in socially, at home, at school and in public. They help children know what to say, when to say it and even how to say it, whether they are talking to their peers, parents, or teachers. They are like superpowers, except anyone can have them. The more children practice Manners, the quicker they become second nature.