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Tea etiquette with a group of Chinese ladies

Etiquette Course, London

Social Etiquette for International Ladies

This British Etiquette for Ladies course offers a comprehensive learning experience helping international clients gain confidence and a clear understanding of the British way of conducting themselves in social and business situations.

3-Day Social Etiquette Course for Groups
3rd, 4th, 10th June 2023  10am - 4.00pm

This is a great opportunity for international ladies to learn Social Etiquette in a friendly and
courteous environment. 


In the morning, participants will learn the fundamentals of setting the table, to managing utensils and hold a conversation, all with the confidence and savvy to dine in both the casual and formal setting.

In the afternoon, you will develop and master the skill of personal introductions and greetings, know what to say and how to say it by understanding British small talk dos and dont's, and how to communicate positively and allow connection with others to take root. We will cover empowerment through posture and poise by mastering your body language, controlling the messages you give to others and how to communicate high status. Lastly, knowing cultural similarities and differences in order to establish connection.

Choose which course you would like to attend & pay for:

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