Online Etiquette Tutorials
For those who wish to begin learning etiquette and soft skills from the comfort of their own homes, we are pleased to offer online training tutorials on a variety of topics, for all ages. 
Online Business Etiquette
The Business Etiquette tutorials consist of 3-4 modules lasting an hour each.

The modules cover meet & greet protocol across the globe, the Importance of First Impressions, introducing clients, colleagues and VIPs,
body language for Confident Professionals, networking skills, small Talk, big talk basics, business card protocol, dressing for success, cross-cultural communication, netiquette, effective communication and much more.  
Online Children's Etiquette
Children with better social skills are more successful in life, and are happier individuals. They not only experience the rewards of positive relationships, they do better in school, have a better self-image and in general are more resilient as they face life's challenges.

The Children's Etiquette tutorials consist of 4 modules lasting an hour each. Children will be taught how to make a great first impression, good eye contact, how to dress appropriately, shake hands like a genteel person, learn indoor/outdoor etiquette, eat correctly with a knife and fork, walk, sit and stand with grace and confidence and even learn how to meet & greet The Queen with the perfect bow and curtsy!
Cartoon Animal
Cartoon Bear
Online Dining Etiquette (Adults)
The Western Dining Etiquette tutorials consist of 3-4 modules lasting an hour each. These online tutorials will help you polish your table manners for both social and business occasions.

Learn how to navigate British, American and Continental place settings, where to place your napkin throughout the meal, how to eat soup and hold your cutlery and glasses correctly, understand the rhythm and pace of dining, seating plans in accordance with rank, fundamental differences between Eastern and Western dining & table manners and much more.