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Two lions propping Laura Windsor in a photo

Movement & Manners

Etiquette Classes, London

Are you looking for a fun and engaging programme that goes beyond traditional education and equips your child with the essential life skills for a full and happy life?

Introducing … Movement & Manners … where fun, education, and expertise converge to shape confident and capable young individuals.

Join our discovery morning on 

Saturay 18th May 

10.30 am to 12 pm


Price:  £30 per family

Drinks and pastries provided.


This programme, led by myself, and Amanda Frolich, a celebrated children's entertainer, educator, and advocate for early childhood health, is designed to cultivate holistic growth in your child.

Our expertise means that our programme offers unparalleled expertise in nurturing children’s social grace and physical vitality.

What are the benefits of a holistic approach to Movement and Manners?

Enhanced social confidence

Positive impressions

Improved relationships 

Confidence and self-respect

Physical health and wellness

Improved cognitive function

Through engaging activities, personalised guidance, and a supportive, fun environment, your child will emerge with enhanced social confidence, polished manners, lifelong health habits, and the skills to thrive in any situation.

Our one-day workshop in June & July will teach your child:

How to meet and greet; including body language, eye, hand and facial gestures

How to be alert and adopt good posture – and why this is important

How to have outstanding table manners

The importance of a physically active body

Some fun, positive ways to move

Two lions propping Laura Windsor in a photo
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