Table Manners & Dining Etiquette

Dining Etiquette Training

 Refine your dining skills drawing from old-world table manners guidelines and a good dose of the modern world, and learn about the amusing and rich history of polite dining and the commonsense reasons behind today’s customs.

In a business setting, when taking clients out to lunch, table manners, and knowing how to navigate the table, are important.

In this informative and hands-on approach, participants will learn the fundamentals of setting the table, to managing utensils and holding a conversation, all with the confidence and savvy to dine in both the casual and formal setting.

Key topics include:

  Navigating Your Place Setting
How to correctly hold cutlery
Which bread plate and glass to use
Table manners
Passing & Offering Food 
Posture & positioning for dining
  Napkin Etiquette
  Accidents and Difficult-to-Eat Foods
Polite table conversation
  The rhythm of dining
Styles of Table Service
Eating Styles: American vs British vs Continental
Port & protocol: Sorry, what's that about the Bishop of Norwich?
After dinner etiquette tea, coffee, liqueurs