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It's Time for Afternoon Tea, follow Tea Customs in Britain with Poise

When joining this timeless and special occasion, it's important to brush up on your etiquette skills. Learn essential etiquette rules for an exquisite tea-sipping experience with British etiquette expert Laura Windsor.

Nothing beats a freshly-baked plain scone, clotted cream and jam!  You will also learn about the Etiquette and Manners of the British Royal Family.

If you like baking, check out our favourite chefs' recipes: how to make scones, plain ones

Key topics include: 

Etiquette for Tea

Afternoon tea set: the accoutrements
Good manners at the table
Afternoon Tea and Tea Drinking Etiquette
The traditions & history of Afternoon tea
Anna Maria Russell, 7th Duchess of Bedford 

How tea is served at the Palace
Royal etiquette for afternoon tea

Correct layering of your scone
How to eat finger sandwiches

Sandwiches, vegan options

Jam or cream first on a scone?

Scones, how to eat them with elegance
What is the proper way to steep tea  

Why are pinkies called pinkies?
Lemon, sugar & other accompaniments
The myth of milk in first or last 

How to properly hold a teacup & saucer
Knowing where to start
How to stir your tea correctlyPinkie finger etiquette
John Montague, 4th Earl of Sandwich
  Posture & Poise
Royal tea etiquette
Napkin placement etiquette
Use of the Patisserie fork
Tea Faux Pas

Polite tea talk
Afternoon tea set: the accoutrements
Afternoon tea etiquette quiz



My colleagues had great fun in Kensington Garden Pavillion for an afternoon tea etiquette. We loved the information you gave us, and were impressed by your elegance :)
Thank you very much for hosting this very pleasant afternoon!


Thank you so much for the Afternoon Tea etiquette session. I finally know the truth behind the pinkie finger! The history of Afternoon Tea was amazing and I will be sure to use all the etiquette do's and dont's everytime I stop for afternoon tea, wherever I am in the world!

Daisy Wu

Thank you so much for the Afternoon Tea etiquette session. The group absolutely loved you and they also said you look like Anne Hathaway but prettier! Thank you again!

Chinese agent
for a large group of Chinese business people and their families
Tea etiquette - how to let your host know you don't want anymore tea_
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