Tea Time Etiquette

enjoying a cup of tea

Tea Drinking Etiquette

Unravel the quirky nuances and the protocol for the ritualised exchange of courtesies at a tea gathering as well as Royal Protocol for afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace.

Join me on this Afternoon Tea Etiquette Course.

Key topics include: 

Tea etiquette rules
The traditions & history of Afternoon tea
Anna Maria Russell, 7th Duchess of Bedford  
How tea is served at Buckingham Palace
Royal protocol for afternoon tea 
Black, red, green, white tea & infusions   
How to brew, steep and serve English-style tea    
Lemon, sugar & other accompaniments
The Myth of milk in first or last 
How to hold your cup & saucer
Knowing where to start
How to stir your tea correctly   
John Montague, 4th Earl of Sandwich
Correct layering of your scone
How to eat finger sandwiches
  Posture & Poise
Tea etiquette pinky finger
Royal tea etiquette
Napkin Etiquette
Use of the Patisserie fork
Tea Faux Pas
Dealing with spills
Polite tea talk
Duties of a guest and host
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